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[19 May 2018|07:11pm]


figured since this guy has had a facelift (walter savage to andre hamann) i'd throw him back out there. this is lysander apollo. raised in foster care and did what he could to survive until age 16, when he took an interest in interior design. from there he worked under people, saved and scrimped for a degree, and through a series of very fortunate events was noticed by hgtv execs and landed a string of guest design roles on shows for a while and now has his own hgtv show redoing moderate apartments on a low budget. he has a former foster sister (and that's his sister man) in [info]allana and a buddy to bug in [info]insleyk (and if i'm forgetting someone just slap me), but could use any sort of line really. he's down to plot!
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[17 May 2018|01:36am]


hello there muni! i'm working on bringing in this gal, her name's fayetta donati and she's from humboldt county, but she's lived in san francisco for about 10 years. in that time she's played in a lot of different punk rock bands, but now she's in a space rock group known as ancient invention. she also works at her family's marijuana dispensary, which has seen a spike in profits since california legalized recreational use. as far as personality goes, faye is super outgoing and down-to-earth. she's a world peace lovin' hippie at heart and is a big joker. but she can also be stubborn and blunt. she's an incredibly passionate person, who puts her friends and family before herself. but she's also quick to anger and has a habit of being unreliable.

she lives with her bff [info]dcostillo, but otherwise she needs everything. other friends, hook-ups, members of her band or people she's been in bands or shows with, customers that frequent her family's dispensary, people she was going to college with before she dropped out to pursue music. i'm down for both pre-planned and organic lines and interaction, so let's figure all the awesome things out!
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[16 May 2018|06:36am]


so life has made me be all hermit-like recently and i'd love to get this guy back out there. a lot of his lines have flew the coop so he could use some fresh ones. this is perry blaine, a 28 year old veterinarian native. perry is lovable, friendly, and outgoing. he spends his days with his boyfriends ([info]niess and [info]dallas), working, or following whatever adrenaline kick he is feeling that day. he could use some more friends, some coworkers.....anything you can think of!
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giving away customs, one day only! (not really, you can get one whenever) [12 May 2018|08:04pm]


Alright, San Francisco. I'm not actually in San Francisco right now but the plan is to transition there sooner rather than later! I bought a house in New Orleans about a month ago that I'm in the process of trying to flip with a friend's help and then I'll be making my way back to California. I've never done this before -- house flipping -- but I'm enjoying getting my hands dirty. And trust me when I say that they are getting very dirty because buying a house over the internet without seeing the inside is a terrible decision that I'd never recommend to anyone ever.

Anywho .. My name is Leah. I make terrible decisions. And I'd love to hear all about the last terrible decision that you made!
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[12 May 2018|10:08am]


So I'm the worst and fell off the face of a planet for a while. Looking to revive this gal. Lines for a 30-something music photojournalist?
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[08 May 2018|07:29pm]


hey all! so i'm thinking of bringing in this guy and wanted to cast the line for some possible sl ideas. he's a 21/22 year old native to the city, sort of directionless and aloof but genuinely helpful and full of creative ideas. he's just got his head in the clouds most days. i'm thinking he had a rough childhood in that he lived homeless with his mother for a while and as a result had a hard time later in high school. missed classes a lot, didn't really connect with his teachers, a lot of kicks in the behind from his sister who was only a little older herself. he's still a wip but i have a little more about him personality wise in his blurb. so far i have no solid line ideas in mind but i'd be interested in friends, exes, people he does odd jobs for to earn a little cash, anything else he might be able to fill.
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