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ffa time! [16 Nov 2017|04:15pm]


it's a free for all!

it's ffa time! good evening, everybody! i'm here with a super simple theme for our free for all this evening - that's right, it's an AMA. drop your name off and get questions. anon is enabled, but will be monitored closely! try to keep it civilized, and be as honest or withholding as you please!


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ffa 3: with a vengeance. [15 Nov 2017|07:00pm]

ya'll have been contracted in to this never-ending ride every week, i'm afraid. bruce willis and sam jackson won't be joining us in this sequel so good luck getting your water jug problems and other stupid riddles solved. anon is on - so use it - but don't make me have to fly to quebec and take you out like simon gruber for fucking things up for all of us. everyone knows the rules: have fun, interact with all and keep this going for as long as possible. yippie-kai-yay, motherfuckers!
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[15 Nov 2017|01:56pm]


Insta 4. [14 Nov 2017|10:36am]

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customs for all. [12 Nov 2017|12:11pm]


hi i'm marilyn and after surviving a family brunch i did some childhood box digging and managed to find my dream phone game and dear diary. let us reminisce, tell me what toy was your favorite growing up or was there anything you ever wanted but never got?
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You get a custom and you get a custom and you get a custom! [12 Nov 2017|07:11am]


'Ello there! I'm Logan and I like lists - and alliteration, apparently. And options. So here:
► Gimme a song you can't stop listening to lately.
► Something you are positively shameless about.
► Something (picture, lyric, words, etc) that best describes you.
Because reciprocity is king:
Please don't ever become a stranger whose laugh I could recognize anywhere.
► See above. And my love of Lip Gallagher.
1, 2, 3.

Your turn!
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[11 Nov 2017|09:30am]


Hey all. I'm Eddie. I like sports and stuff. What song can't you live without? Mine is mr. blue sky
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customs? [10 Nov 2017|10:38pm]


When do you realize that you order out too much and need to learn to cook? Is it when the Chinese place doesn't need anything more than your name to know your order? Or when the pizza place calls to check on you because you haven't order from them in a few days? I'm Frank Harper, I live alone and I cannot cook. I have been living on gas station burritos for three days. Someone teach me to cook. I promise I'm a good student.
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customs if you can leaf me laughing [10 Nov 2017|07:07pm]


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the human theme song generator [09 Nov 2017|09:03pm]


need entrance music for your next function? life just feeling super boring? answer my questions and the human theme song generator will supply your very own theme song.
1. your name
2. your preferred genre of theme song music/genres to avoid
3. if you were to make a movie based on your life, what genre would it be?
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ffa 2: island of lost dreams. [08 Nov 2017|07:30pm]

it's time for a very low budget, "please participate for free because i have no money to pay you", sequel free for all, directed by none other than yours truly! anon is on so use it if you feel so inclined, but don't make me have to bust out my indiana jones whip to put you back in line. everyone knows the rules: have fun, interact with all and keep this going for as long as possible. cue the shitty intro music, spotlights on, mic check one two, and...action!
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go nuts [08 Nov 2017|03:56pm]

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Grand reopening sale! Customs 99% off! [08 Nov 2017|01:34pm]


So, I'm still Preacher. I just made a whoops and now I'm basically having to do this again for the second time. So, go ahead and tell me about a whoops you've done recently.
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Insta 2 [08 Nov 2017|09:19am]

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[07 Nov 2017|09:22pm]


That feeling when you Google "ice breakers" and all you get are weird round robin games for white collar workers probably in a Marriott.

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how many cups of caffeine do you need before you're awake? [07 Nov 2017|01:02pm]

So you say you wanna get away. We don't need a plane. I could be your escape. Take you to a place. Where there's no time, no space. I could be your private island. On a different planet. Anything could happen. Listen to the waves. Let them wash away your pain.
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customs are magical [06 Nov 2017|12:47pm]


My name is Kijae or Jae, whatever is your fancy!

My question of the day is: what makes you want to dance? you can either tell me or show me via gif!

This is what makes me want to dance
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customs for a kiss on the cheek [05 Nov 2017|11:27pm]


i’m sabrina. as i rot to death at my part-time night job, entertain me by telling me about your dreams. do you have any recurring ones? do you have a lot of nightmares? which dream stands out the most to you? throw some symbolism at me.
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