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[24 Sep 2017|08:24pm]


hello, i'm eleanor, happy gallbladder good health day. how is your gallbladder doing?

if that question is too personal please let me know and i'll ask you something else.
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[21 Sep 2017|06:00pm]


Hey, beautiful writers! I'm attempting to get this lady ready for application and wanted to put my feelers out there for potential lines! This 28 yr old is Loideth (Teresa Palmer), aka Grey, aka Loi, aka the girl who talks too much. She is an Oregon native (hello, Newport) and has been in Portland for so long I can't even remember which year she moved here... Anyway. Loideth is a going-through-divorcee with 1 son, James, and basically she's just trying to get her life back on a positive track. Her personality is basically as follows: loud, stubborn, sometimes-bitchy yet always sarcastic, love obsessed nut-job. Currently I have her working at Teardrop Lounge as a manager & she's done artwork for published children's books.

I would love her childhood friends or even people she's gotten really close/had falling outs with over the last five years. Possibly neighbors (apartment or house), girls who have dated one of her 3 older brothers that she's still friendly with, people who hate her for getting them kicked out of the lounge... I'd super love extended family since she's very close with them. Or if anyone is interested in bringing in a new character, I'm definitely interested in getting her ex husband on board and a former love who has come back into her life (plenty of details for both if needed). Thanks!
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liar liar ffa [20 Sep 2017|07:34pm]


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[17 Sep 2017|04:21pm]


apped this lady already, and i'd love to get some lines while i do a deep dive into her background! this is pia, a 32-year-old texas native (yep) who recently moved to portland in the spring for work. she works in public relations/advertising at a local agency. she also recently bought a small house with plans to renovate it, and she lives there with her two cats (sprout and twig) that moved with her from dallas. so far, pia isn't an incredibly active member of her new community; she tends to keep to herself outside of the office, and she's struggling juuuust a bit to make friends and lay down some permanent roots. that said, she's perfectly friendly (if a bit of an introvert, so it takes a while) and just needs a little shove to get out there.

i'd love to brainstorm a few lines if she's needed/wanted for anything! neighbors, coworkers at a creative agency, other people who work in neighboring offices perhaps, someone she talked to and low-key bonded with after realizing they were both from texas, diy-ers she's run into during her many outings now that she's taken on the task of renovating a house—or whatever you may need! i'm happy to work something out if she seems like she'd fit the bill.
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[17 Sep 2017|04:22pm]


this is olivia/liv, a 34 year old kindergarten teacher (school tbd), single mom of a (nearly) ten month old baby boy. she's pretty shy and awkward and a complete and utter nerd but she is extremely friendly and would have trouble being on the wrong side of anyone. liv is [info]emian's best friend since forever, for forever. (em's daughter is liv's god child and liv's son's middle name is emily associated! lots of ride or die love between these two ladies.) anyone who knows emily more than likely knows liv.

i'd love to get some lines for her as she's been out of the community world for a few months now and i've finally found a place i think she'd fit in well at! she has an older brother and a younger sister who may end up as npcs (happy to discuss those lines!) but i'm very open to cousins, any gender exes, friends, coworkers etc etc. the father of her son is such a complicated once-played line that i'm going to keep him a an npc.
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[13 Sep 2017|02:29pm]


hey folks! i'm going to be applying this armie hammer pb but i wanted to solidify some lines for him before i finish ironing out his background. he's 31, a native elsewhere, but moved to portland around 23-ish. he's either a police officer or a fire fighter (leaning towards police) and has a degree in criminal justice with a minor in psychology. he's very involved in the portland community and is an active volunteer, mostly with youth outreach, homelessness, and addiction. he's very much the kind of person dedicated to small changes from within one day at a time. he's generally quite affable, hardworking, and loyal. he has a big goofy mutt of a dog, a homeowner going on 2 years now, and enjoys house parties. and vaping, usually at said house parties. sorry he's not sorry.

so for, literally anything? let's talk it out and see what happens.
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[12 Sep 2017|03:03pm]


okay, she's been here for a little over a week now but this is emma helton, so i figured i would put her out there. she's originally from new york city, but moved to portland a little over a year ago when she accepted a position at the portland children's museum. she's a bit of an activist when it comes to advocating for education, so if people get her started on that, she can get long winded if she lets herself. she is in need of most things! neighbors, co-workers, people who she attends yoga with, i think there's a few transplants from nyc, so if we haven't connected, people she can talk about home with when she's feeling homesick. anything and everything!
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